Learn what parents, teachers, and various educators are saying about the Top of the Class Reading Comprehension Kit.

As a parent I am always looking for materials to use during the summer to prevent what is called the “summer slide.” The summer slide is the loss of academic gain from the previous school year as a result of all the summertime distractions. The Top of the Class reading kit offers reading skill builders, vocabulary skill builders and various language arts exercises that will build literacy over the summer. And with many non-fiction passages my children will gain facts and concepts from many other academic areas like civics, science, and history. This amazing kit allows you to work with your child to chart their reading progress daily, weekly, monthly and yearly with line graphs, bar charts and pie charts. This year it will be good bye summer slide.

L. Haizel
New Jersey

I am writing because I am excited about the Top of the Class Reading Comprehension kit. The kit allows me a convenient way to help my children with their reading comprehension and literacy skills. Using these materials it’s now like I have become their teacher at home. I sincerely thank the publishers for this reading program.

A Diaz

The Top of the Class kit is an interesting new reading development product. I like the high impact passages which were well selected for sparking student interest. Also, there are lots of strategies for fine-tuning reading comprehension. I would recommend using this multi-grade reading kit for enrichment of lower level grades, as reading readiness for middle school and as reading support for upper school grades. Overall, the kit is an investment worth making.

Dawn Jackson, M.Ed
Brooklyn, New York

The Top of the Class reading program is an excellent resource for parents desiring to work with their children at home on language arts and literacy. This resource employs all of the techniques teachers use in the classroom to foster strong reading skills in their students. I love the way the books are connected and the inclusion of the data chart book for tracking reading progress is a great touch. This resource is sure to help any student and concerned parents who wish to monitor and help develop their child’s reading comprehension skills.

Tiffany Baskerville
Middle School Teacher

As a veteran school counselor, I come across parents looking for solutions to assist their kids with their reading comprehension. The Top of the Class reading kit provides parents/educators with a teacher-tested system that produce results with relevant stories and strategies to assist students from elementary to secondary. The kit has an easy to follow guide with valuable reading tips in addition to 6 booklets that provides step by step strategies and practice assignments to master critical thinking skills and prepare students for any standardize exam. This is a powerful resource with strategies that have stood the test of time and is highly recommended for all grade levels.

Wayland Allrich
Essex County School
Counselor of the Year
East Orange, New Jersey

This ‘Top of the class’ kit is ideal for my class. It is the perfect tool to get my students ready for the PARCC testing. My kids have shown immediate positive results in just one month’s usage.

David Pinckney
7th grade Language Arts/Social Studies teacher
Irvington, New Jersey

“I like the Top of the Class reading program. A lot of information and reading activities are packed into these reading booklets. I predict that home school parents will really love these reading kits.”

S. Durham